Technology predictions are important for Corporate Directors

I attended last week the Deloitte Technology-Media-Telecommunication predictions breakfast and once again it was an outstanding opportunity to reflect on upcoming trends that will affect consumers, businesses and business models. I want to congratulate Duncan Stewart for his leadership and his dynamism through this presentation. I advise Corporate Directors to attend these types of events, that help stay current in technologies and look ahead of the curve to support their strategic planning duties. Or read the report. To be noted in these predictions:

  • The PC still has its place in the life of the new generation and is here to stay

  • Mobile gaming is not so lucrative

  • TV viewing erosion is slower than expected

  • Gigabit internet will surge

  • More and more people do not have a regular phone and 26% of smartphone users do not make regular calls with their phones

  • Artificial Intelligence is used efficiently in enterprise software

  • Women are needed to meet the needs of IT jobs, yet fewer that 25% of IT related jobs are occupied by a woman

I attended last week #TMTPredictions. Corporate Directors should attend or read to stay current in technology trends in support of strategic planning #corpgov #risks