Josée Morin, Engineer, MBA, Corporate Director

Josée has had long and fruitful experience in both corporate and board governance. Her knowledge of enterprise risk management is particularly valuable. In her leadership role as a corporate director, Josée has an active commitment to developing and supporting diversity within the organizations with which she works.
— Deborah Rosati, FCPA, CPA, ICD.D, Co-founder Women get on Board

Welcome to my website. In these pages, I want to share some of my professional passions with you.

Entrepreneurship and governance matter to me,  along with sound decision making and risk management, technology and people, setting objectives and working hard, contributing to society and listening to what others have to say. Every day, I use my strengths and personal qualities to make businesses more successful, to support my network, to mentor younger people and to keep informed on subjects that are important to me.  As you learn more about me, do not hesitate to contact me so we can share experiences and extend both of our networks.

Those who know Josée always recognize her passionate drive and energy. She gets things done in an organized, focused manner. As a board member, Josée brings the knowledge, expertise, experience and drive needed to help make any organization stronger.
— Sophie D’Amours, Eng., MBA, PhD, Chairman of the board of CRIQ

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